Key services of 25h8

Network Network


New business contacts, proven partners, ideas for your business

Cabinet Cabinet


Manage all affairs of your business from one cabinet

Business Business


Access to sales and purchases, new markets for the growth of your business

Thematic chats Thematic chats

Thematic chats

Entering the new markets, establishing the new contacts and execution of the official agreements in correspondence

Documents Documents


Electronic document flow, cloud access to the documents, multiple options for digital signature

Additionally at 25h8

Blogs Blogs


A powerful PR-tool to increase your personal and business reputation

Deals Deals


Convenient document flow and online execution of business agreements

Site-cards Site-cards


SEO-optimized website according to your brand standards for online promotion of your business

News feed News feed

News feed

Project news, opinion leaders and dedicated experts of your interests in real time

Space that unites

All biddings are cataloged with applying the convenient filters. Choose one of the popular categories or go to the full list of biddings to see the actual ones for you

Uniqueness of 25h8:

  • Modern opportunities for sales and purchases: smart bet, smart bid, bidding (auction and reduction).
  • Configuring an access to process management and document flow according to the structure of your enterprise.
  • Constructor of bidding procedures and chats with usage of a digital signature of national (DS) and international (RSA) standards.
  • Constructor of business cards and partner sites.
  • 25h8 blog as a proven PR tool for you and your business.
  • Legally documented meetings of board of directors and tender committees, collegial meetings while their attendees are located all over the world
  • Vast toolkit for business and social projects collaboration.



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Create a shared access to the work documents for your colleagues .
Manage all your sales and purchases at the same time.
Single access to financial and accounting documentation of each of your projects.
Add your products and services to the virtual "warehouse".
By yourself create a website for your business using our intuitively understandable site constructor.


Unlimited opportunities. We unite large and small business, state and public organizations. You get access to all public applications and biddings regardless of the size of your business.
For entrepreneurs and owners of small business
Find the best prices of suppliers from all over the country. Discover new powerful markets. Start selling large lots by winning tenders. Increase turnovers and develop your business.
For owners and top-managers of medium and large businesses
Find trusted partners through a proven trading system. Take advantages of electronic document flow. Make large long-term agreements. Get access to the actual base of contractors.


At first sight, these are just chats for communication with business partners using a secured encryption protocol.
In fact, this is much more. is the space for opening the new markets, establishing new contacts and even concluding the official agreements directly in the correspondence.
Advantages of
A protected SSL protocol provides the absolute privacy of business correspondence.
The system of business and social communication allows you to create collective discussions and make collective decisions, which will be immediately certified by a digital signature.
Conduct business meetings, send instructions and documents – all these at  convenient time for you anywhere in the world.
Make deals just in chats. A digital signature allows you to verify the correspondence and use it later as an official document.
Some public chats are already becoming platforms of socially significant discussion. So, join the discussion and promote development of the country by common ideas.


Conclude agreements faster due to the electronic document flow.

Engage colleagues into collaborative work with documents. Make corrections and submit resolutions, quickly approve the completed document by a digital signature. You can provide separate access to the document flow for every colleague, giving him rights according to the structure of your enterprise.

It is also easy for you to exchange documents with your customers, suppliers and business partners. Also, here you have an open access to official documentation, reference materials and legal materials.


The service "Deals" allows you to conclude official agreements online.
You can hold corporate discussions and public meetings of tender committees between participants who are at distance from each other. Coordination of documents and contract details in the service "Talks" is fast and confidential.
With Digital Signature you can sign the results of the negotiations and receive a legally significant document.
Choose a public format for all users of 25h8 could monitor the progress and results of the discussion.
Create closed talks in order only invited users could have an access to view.



Today, when advertising budgets do not guarantee sales, only a strong brand name can ensure a steady flow of customers.
A blog, like social networks, is the best tool for building a strong brand. Tell the world about your business, about successes and oddities, share your secrets – be closer to people in order to get their trust.
Build a sales pipeline by turning blog subscribers into clients, and clients - into lawyers of your business.
Use the blog to get feedback: identify the "slim places" of your business and learn more about your audience through poolings.
We made Blogs 25h8 as convenient as possible for you.
You can specify the time of publication and the period of its validity. You have an access to analytics, polls and chats – all tools of interactive and feedback.

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